Held in a Heart, Carried on Shoulders

This Sunday is Father’s Day.

Ritual and celebration are an important part of being Human.  And whilst this day is as commercial as most other mainstream celebrations, it is also an opportunity to say Thank You and strengthen bonds within the family.

I tend to think of it as ‘Significant-Person-in-MY-Life Day’, because families come in a wonderful rainbow of diversity.

Sure you can buy a gift (from chainsaws to socks and boxers, you can treat that special someone), and of course the kids can make a card.  But there are some wonderful ways to use this day to Celebrate the support and love that this person provides.

This is Australia, so what celebration would be complete without some outdoor eating.  A BBQ, a picnic..lunch in the sunshine is a must!  Sharing a meal with loved ones can be a great way to strengthen bonds and celebrate.

An outing together as a family, away from any chores, means you can all focus in each other.  A bush walk, a day at the beach or park, a bike ride…getting outside in nature is a marvellous way to reconnect and rejuvenate.

A simple, yet Awesome gift for dad that just keeps on giving…


Just being together is so important.

This Sunday is a day to reconnect with your loved ones and remember why you do what you do!

This is the day to make sure that that Significant Other knows how much you appreciate them and love them.

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