Agentic voters

For humanity, is it too late?

Is empathy a long lost trait?

Everything feels deeply ominous

How can voting be autonomous?

With so many in an Agentic State.

As fires burn and droughts deprive

How much longer can we survive?

Is the dystopia already here?

With choices based on fear?

As our governments contrive.

Ideas and solutions are well known

But ignored, demeaned, are not grown,

As corporate profit reigns

Focused on fiscal gains,

Firmly planted on the authoritarian throne.

In my own bubble hope leads up to each election

Followed by shock and feelings of deception

What are The People expecting

Of the ones they are electing

Have we lost all powers of perception?

What will our near future hold

When value is linked to what is sold

And nature is utterly destroyed

As more security measures deployed

To defend against dangers untold.

Invented threats, to distract the crowd

As our forest lifeline is ploughed

And real threats are ignored

While unreal solutions explored

As ever looms a mushroom cloud.

Fake news abound and gaslit towns

Countries run by war mongering clowns

Anxiety levels heighten

As these clowns can only frighten

With their unreadable frowns.

Those seeking refuge from these wars

Are finding firmly shut doors

No room at the inn

Victims of political spin

They receive no succours.

If you find yourself in a dispairing cower

At this bleak and dismal hour

For The Agentic State we have become

Know this – we can overcome!

If we look to real community to find new power.


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