Baby born on side of road. Birth Plan thrown out.

I updated this post, and then realised there were pending comments. Some of those comments were no longer relevant with the update, so I didn’t approve them. One stood out because it was very defensive (the original post referred to a particular story, and even though it was only used as an example the author of the comment felt I was being critical of the mother) and ended with “good on you, guess we can’t call be as clever as you for planning a fast birth’. I found this comment sad…because you can be that clever in the future, and you can help others to be that clever. Hindsight! We hear stories like this so often that the University of Western Sydney did a study:
The media coming out of this story, written and spoken by Prof Hannah Dahlen, included details on how to prepare for a ‘Birth Before Arrival’. It is not about being clever – it is about being practical. We owe it to future parents to give them this preparation.

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