Book review: Rhea Dempsey ‘Birth with Confidence’

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I have been enjoying  I encourage you to take the opportunity to watch this, and the other interviews.  Rhea Dempsey is full of birth wisdom, her book is reviewed below (I look forward to her next book).

birth_with_confidence_book1Birth With Confidence: Savvy choices for normal birth 
by Rhea Dempsey

I LOVE this book.

This book explains the current maternity system and helps you find how you fit into it.
​Where is your comfort zone?  
The circle of influence around you makes a massive difference to how you perceive AND experience birth.  Rhea Dempsey explains how you can set up the circle that supports you the way you need, and identify potential issues.
This book is essential reading for birth workers and parents-to-be alike.

This book outlines the maternity system, and how it can undermine normal birthing.  Then it gives you the steps you can take to avoid being undermined.
Who is in your circle of influence ? The book helps you recognise who they are and how they can impact you.
How do you feel about pain?  After reading this book, you will be better able to identify your
pain type’ and what this may mean for your birth.  This allows you to take a realistic and practical approach to your preparations.  It also gives you ways that you can increase your tolerance!

This book will help you put together the best birth team for you.  Once you understand yourself and what you need, it becomes clear who should be with you – and who shouldn’t!

Who you give birth with matters immensely, understanding how they can impact you is the first step.  This book is an invaluable tool in birth preparation.

Are you trying to conceive?  Read this book!
Are you pregnant? Read this book!
Are you a birth worker?  Read this book!

If you ever get a chance to hear Rhea Dempsey speak – grab it!  
You can get this book HERE

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