Budget 2014 – short and sour

Death is not an option, hence $20 billion in medical research…and because medical science will keep you so fit and able, you will work work work, so you can keep on consuming…

and because you won’t die, there will be no jobs for the young people, so we will force them into higher education, to stall their entry into the workforce for as long as possible…and (get this)…when they do eventually get in the workforce they will need to rely on medical science (thank goodness we are investing) to keep them fit and well, so they can work until they are 150, and pay off their debt….

This will be especially critical if they have the audacity to take time out of a career to raise their own children (can’t risk parents influencing the future workers).


be afraid.


One of the greatest challenges women face is culture. You’ll hear me say this again and again.

An informed decision is more than just information. It is MOSTLY about circumstances.

This budget is going to put so much pressure on mothers. The stay at home parent is not valued. That parent is Dangerous. WHY?

because the hand that rocks the cradle, is the hand that rules the world. They WANT your child in daycare, the sooner the better. This has NOTHING to do with supporting women in the workforce.

This budget is planning $20 BILLION for medical research. This is not a government that is open to instinctive or biological processes. No profit in that.

I advocate for Birth – YOUR Way. You may find your comfort zone in the medical arena. Great. That option is there for you.
But you may find your comfort zone is outside the medical arena. Not so great. Your options are being increasingly limited.

Either way (and the many others) it is UP TO YOU to OWN Your Birth. You deserve to know your options and demand the care you need. Before, during and LONG after birth. Mothers are vital.

Without Mothers all we have left is a Brave New World.

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