Book Review: About Bloody Time

Now published – About Bloody Time: the menstrual revolution we have to have from Victorian Women’s Trust on Vimeo.I received this book after pledging in the Crowd Funding campaign. It is beautifully presented, with the times and powerfully feminine. And it shines a light directly on the ‘unspeakable’.The Victorian Women’s Trust surveyed over 3000 women and girls about their experiences.  They also investigated feelings towards menopause.  What this revealed was shocking and d […]

Preventing Post Natal Anxiety and Depression

I was talking to someone about ‘birth disappointment’ the other day, and was told “women should not have such high expectations! Honestly women these days are just so fragile”.  I took a deep breath before responding. If a healthy woman is expecting a ‘normal birth’ that is not a high expectation.  That is a reasonable and minimal expectation.  It is not ‘fragile’ to be disappointed by a birth that does not met this expectation.  For women to lower their expectation […]

You are the Voice

In 2019 the NSW State Gov, will start giving out the ‘baby bundle’. Read about it here: https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/latest-news/135m-pamper-pack-nobody-needs/news-story/858be7cc102cdd34aca053676cc0ef08 This baby bundle is COSTING us money, to give something that no one needs. It won’t save money. I have been told over and over that the government can not be seen to endorse one thing over …

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