Is menstrual blood dangerous?

The syncronising uteri of dedicated birth supporter and the birthing woman…. Is it possible? There are anecdotal reports that co-habiting women syncronise their menstrual cycles.  Are there dominant uteri?   Do some women, such as birthing women, have this effect? Does it only affect women not on hormonal birth control? In high school, our choir mistress …

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Welcome to The Brave New World

Vanessa Olorenshaw’s Liberating Motherhood was published in 2016. The book raises the issue of the absence of mothers in feminism and politics.  It is not enough to simply have women in leadership.  Not all women are mothers and not all mothers mother the same.  Society encourages us to return to paid work, outside the home, placing …

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In your grandmother’s womb: The egg that made you.

Within my mum, within her mum, a tiny egg was developed*, Within my matriarchal line this egg was enveloped, The time came, this awesome egg received it’s spark And Two new humans formed, ready to make their mark. Two within, and within them seven who came to be And within five of them were eggs …

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