The Survivor, The Warrior and The Goddess

Birthing is not innate, Not in this Modern World Our instincts may be masked and crushed We may find ourselves being processed Our questions being hushed.   For many women birth is something they Survive A life event without honour or joy It is enough to just get through with a healthy girl or boy. …

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The Legacy of Eurydice

10 000 people attended a vigil for Eurydice in Melbourne: How many woman must die? As one attendee reminded us…”Nothing’s changed, from Jill Meagher to this day,” Jill, from Brunswick (not far from where Eurydice lived), was raped and kill in 2012, also by a stranger as she walked home at night. Nearly 6 …

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Do you need Assistance or Support?

What is the difference between Support and Assistance? Do you know if you will meet resistance? Who is on your side and on your behalf can speak? Are you prepared if you end ‘up the creek’? Assistance is great, if you need it for sure. But without Support your prognosis is poor.  In birthing and …

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