Understanding ‘Fed is Best’: Information and Marketing (3 facts and a warning)

Lactivists and breastfeeding supporters are often criticised for forcing the issue, or ‘guilting’ mums in some way.  They may even be accused of having some sort of agenda.  It is important to see through this emotional ‘debate’ to the facts beneath it.  Breastfeeding is biologically normal. The lactivist does not stand to benefit personally from …

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Scientific Birth and how to have one.

updated post​Scientific Birth is birth as nature intended, without intervention. Technological Birth relates to the interventions. Understand both. Determine for yourself whether or not a technological aspect to your birth is necessary.  Go with the Flow or pack a Paddle?​Who you birth with (care provider and non-medical support) will influence how technical your birth will be, so if a scientific birth is important to you – align your support with the less technical care […]

Informed Birth Preparation: what it takes and what it gives

Informed Birth Preparation puts you in the drivers seat.  You get to determine the route, including any detours.  You choose the music, the companions and guide the conversation.  Taking the drivers seat takes some responsibility.  And it gives you immense power.  In this post, we explore what it takes to have an informed and positive birth, and discover the benefits of taking the effort and stepping […]

seen. not heard.

seen. not heard. obedient. unquestioning. confined. bound. safe? seen. not heard. controlled. authorised. approved. convinced. brainwashed? seen. not heard. afraid. unsure. reliant. compliant. seen. herd.   seen. heard. respected encouraged supported capable compassionate? seen. heard. innovative creative supportive confident critical. seen. heard. brave certain sane humane seen not herd.  

Birthing the Placenta

This aspect of birth is often left out of the stories (read Think Birth’s article, which includes a water birth video).  When creating a birth plan, it is often the overlooked part of preparations.  Most birth plans focus on contraction management (first stage), some will extend to the birth itself (second stage), but few will continue onto the birth of the placenta.  Leaving this out of preparation can take a wonderful labour and birth, and turn it into a less than wonderfu […]