choice and determination

Am I anti, or am I pro,

and how is it that I Know,

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What is wrong and what is right,

and why must it be a fight?

I make a choice for myself

leaving alternatives on the shelf

They remain a choice, though not mine

And for others may be fine.

But are there options that are never okay?

No matter what some might say?

Are there things we can all agree

rob us of our liberty?

It seems to me there are a few,

for which this wrongness is always true.

Your Body, Your Choice, regardless of age

Seems advice, most sage.

And yet, we have  circumcisioning

And a rise in transitioning

of children who are forever changed

It all seems quite deranged.

As an adult you can mutilate, pierce and ink

But for your child, stop and think!

What are you doing, and why?

Is the reasoning a lie?

How is it that our medical administrations,

Support, and encourage, these desecrations?

Why is an enemy of nature made?

Is it connected to being paid?

Why do parents feel these choices are okay?

Is it because it’s ‘just the way’?

Or is the choice made by belief?

And comes to them as relief?

Where is the line humanity must draw

to who we are now, and were before?

Or have we dug ourselves a hole?

And does the humanity bell toll?

Are we progressing to Human 2.0?

Is this the only way to go?

Are we the authors of our own Tale?

or do others determine where we’ll sail?

How do we know if we are by a foul wind guided ?

With undue influences one-sided?

Do I have free will or am I peer-pressured?

Is my information full or censored?

These questions flood my mind to distraction,

I do not know the required action,

For my self and my family, I must

Make the choices I most trust.





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