Default as the standard choice

It’s what you get if you don’t change the settings?

It’s what you get if you want no frills?

No enhancement.




Or is default a failure?

Not meeting obligation?


‘Male’ has long been considered the default human.

It is the default in literature.

If the gender of a character is irrelevant,  chances are the character will be male.

Have you ever read a story to your daughter and changed the pro nouns? (For example, Theo the Tiger Learns to Roar, read on you tube)

In The Lord of the Rings, Pip and Merry can be female.  So can all the other characters, really.  The only ones written as female are so because it was necessary to the narrative.

How many male authors declare their full name on their covers?  How many female authors use initials?  Why is that?


I wouldn’t want to be the default

Void of personality

I wouldn’t want to be standardized

Treated with banality

I wouldn’t want to typecast be

And represent normality

I would not want the world to feel

This default sets morality.




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Trust me! I am better than you.



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