Designed to Birth?

So often, in birthy posts, you read we were ‘designed’

This language is meant to ease our fears

To which we seem resigned.

‘Designed to birth’ declare naturalists, almost thoughtlessly,

Many do science-based research

So this perplexes me.

We are not ‘Designed’ to give  Birth, Not Designed at all.

We have in fact Evolved this way,

Birth is not an ‘app’ that you can install.

Humans are intelligent, and continue to evolve,

Our evolution no longer natural

Is something we control.

The way we conceive and birth, is increasingly medicalised

Changing our DNA

We are evolving before our eyes.

Giving birth was au natural until recent times,

but men took over

And changed all the birthing paradigms.

And with this change, evolutionary shifts occur

where will it lead?

Will all future generations need succour*?

For now, evolutionarily, you can birth without assistance

but without traditional support

You may meet resistance.

It is not enough in modern times to declare ‘designed to’

you need to be prepared

For the system you’re entwined to.

*Do you need Assistance or Support?

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