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Catherine offers Birth Cartography workshops and private sessions, and ongoing support through First Year Parenting Mentoring.

Her book ‘The Birth Map: boldly going where no birth plan has gone before’ is now in it’s second edition. The book is divided into three sections, plus an appendix.
Section One helps set Your Scene, giving you insights into the maternity system, and how to navigate it on your terms. Explaining what is involved in making an Informed Decision and what your care options are. The section is linked to the to give further insight and resources as your explore your options.
Section Two focuses on The Questions you need to ask in order to prepare a Birth Map for your care providers. Covering the three pathways of Informed Birth Preparation, these Questions allow for advanced care preparation for various scenarios, which avoids stressful on-the-spot decisions and unnecessary interventions.
Section Three takes you Beyond the Birth. What to really expect, how to create your community of support and ‘what is normal?’.
An appendix gives a glossary, list of recommended reading and covers resources and support for special circumstances.
The book is completed with pages awaiting The Birth Story.

Birth workers and experienced birth mappers can get the workbook ‘This Birth Belongs to’, which focuses on Section Two of ‘The Birth Map’ (the birth map written for care providers). Pages for the Birth Story are included.

Both books are designed to be written in. With white space for notes, affirmations, journalling or mindful doodling. The book becomes as unique as the awesome woman using it, a record of her journey.

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