Do you have what it takes?


The conveyor belt approach to birth was working as intended,

And despite many protests, it won’t be amended.

For The Authority has the Power and the money flows neatly,

And your role, my dear, is to obey and smile sweetly.

Your Doctor processes your pregnancy without bothering you with detail

You believe they are responsible – so how can you fail?

There is a Catch however, which you can not circumvent.

As The System is not responsible – due to ‘Informed Consent’.

It’s a tricky situation, for the stakes are quite high,

And you are expected to unquestionably comply.

And when Motherhood* follows swiftly and without continuity

You are expected to be grateful and live blissfully.

The illusion is preserved, as those who speak up are ignored,

And the consumerist approach is the one that we applaud,

From the fake-Maternity Models and the ‘must have’ appararti,

It really is easier if ‘all the thing’ you buy.

But with Knowledge and Know-how, you have Agency,

And can step off the Conveyor Belt and away from complacency.

You can retain your dignity and when asked to consent,

You have an Informed Decision – which may just be dissent.


*Motherhood is not the same as Mothering. motherhood is shaped by society :see

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