Don’t call me Cathy

Please don’t call me Cathy,

It is not my name

Please don’t call me Cathy,

It drives me insane!

I’ve never answered to It

And i won’t start now

It’s not how i introduce me

When we say ciao.

You may think it is endearing

You may think it kind

But please don’t do It

‘Cause I really do mind.

I know it seems quite trivial

petty and even vain

But it is so important

What’s in a name.




What’s in a name? – the legalities

What’s in a name? – the poem.


2 thoughts on “Don’t call me Cathy”

    1. 😕 it doesn’t bother me like ‘cathy’, but unless it was obvious you were talking to me, I probably wouldn’t register it. I would be cool with it if I registered.

      Being Australian, nicknames are very common. Most people get a different version of their name, or a creative name based on a personality trait or significant event. If it works, it sticks. To the point that no one can remember the original name.

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