Don’t cry, it was only a joke.

“Don’t cry,  it was only a joke.”

Words spoken by a just-joshin’ bloke.

“We’re just havin’ a laugh”…at your expense

Say those who can’t see hurt in ‘nonsense’.

Joking like this creates emotional distance

As the Joker displays empathic resistance.


A cheap shot, perhaps, unclever and crass,

Accusing the target of being like glass

Toughen up, take a joke, shrugs the insensitive jerk

But turn the jokes around…and they’ll go beserk!

“How dare you diss me”, followed by a cuss,

When the tables are turned, there’ll be a fuss.


For jokes such as this -where someone is a butt

And the Joker maintains an arrogant strut,

Insisting it’s all just simple jolity,

Can only occur with a power inequality.

The joke relies on social injustice and oppression,

With an underlying fear of succession.


Keep the dissenters in the minority,

Remind them who has the authority,

Keep women in their ‘rightful’ place,

And be sure to point out the ‘inferior’ race,

Ha ha, what a laugh, what delightful exchange,

Oh how I sigh….and wish hopefully for change.


Imagine a world full of clever and care,

Where the jokes are a joy we all share,

Wit not sarcasm,  word play not insults,

It would have less dystopic results,

The change is with us…don’t laugh ‘politely’,

And respond to the Joker contritely.


A rebellion is needed, we stand strong united,

For a future for all – unblighted.







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