Farewell Mr Thornton

A poem for Mr Thornton, who went to Switzerland to die.

Who shared a vital story, as he gave his reasons why,

With his darling by his side, with a love filled heart,

He took control, the best he could, on how he would depart,

I did not know this brave man, but his story made me cry.


I cried for the love that surrounded him,

For the acceptance of his fate.

I cried for the lack of choice he had,

within this wide brown land,

I cried for his death among snow capped peaks

away from those he held dear.


Thank you Mr Thornton, for sharing your final bow,

Thank you for telling us, we need this choice – here, now,

Farewell Mr Thornton, and much love to you and yours,

In this important matter – I support your cause.

And I’ll help, the best way I know how.

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