Feminist. Mother. Woman.

The transphenomenon, and the erasure of the female,

Has me in a spin..is my idenity on trial?

I hear the song of transpride,

and the rules I must abide:

“Show me your idenity, let me peg you in a hole.

Let me place you in a little box, with freedoms that I stole.

Let me tell you what to think and how my rights trump yours,

I will not adapt to you, you adapt to me, of course!

Your biology is mute and we will ignore it,

And if you dare to protest, you will suffer for it.”

And so I must take a stand, if only for my daughters,

Against those who are anti-aborters,

And those who say my womb is of no consequence,

I must strive to respond with eloquence,

Our biology is separate to gender concerns – our rights are not competing,

And together we can agree – we all deserve good treating.




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