Fertility Flowers


The lotus flower for fertility
A symbol of Hindu purity

The pomegranate with seeds of red
Is the Feng Shui symbol, I’ve read

The celtic druids chose mistletoe
and the fertile luck it could bestow


The hazelnut held similar hopes
And those celts were no dopes,
for science shows that humble nut
may boost your fertile luck.

In tragic myth, the greeks ancient,
Associate poppy with motherhood patient.

Flowers more you’ll find to fill
Your garden with a fertile will
Some provide a tasty treat
Some will make you sleep too deep
Others are a joy to view
No harm will come to you
Flowers all across the Earth,
are connected to death and birth
They represent all that is dear
Offer hope, dispelling fear
Lifting hearts that may be low,
In your garden – let them can grow.

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