Finding Compassion

Compassion compels us into action when we see suffering or need. Compassion requires us to see another’s humanity. 

In a society experiencing a remarkable rise of narcissism, the quest for identity and competitive minoritism, have seen compassion tossed aside.  The ability to acknowledge humanity in others is lost.  Perhaps so much so, that what it means to be human is redefined, to the point of being something completely different. Technology has super-ceded science,  and yet we still call it science.  Marketing has super-ceded communication, and we confuse information with propaganda.

The art of compassionate communication is not in what you say, or even how you say it, but in how it is received.  Your message will not be heard the way you want it to be, if you do not understand the person or people you want to hear it.  When your focus is on the message you want to portray, you lose sight of the needs of others.  

This ability to communicate compassionately begins with empathy. We take the time to understand those we need to communicate with.

Empathy is a feeling.

What are their needs?

What is their perspective?

How can you help?

Compassion is an action.

When you see the humanity in others, and understand how you can take action, you will find compassion.

Humanity places us within a community, where we are considered and supported; supporting and considering.

That is worth finding.

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