Five Tips to KISS your Birth!

1. Create a Birth Map

Forget the Birth Plan – you need a Birth Map!

It is Your Birth – Your Way.

2. Surround yourself with Support

Gather Your People who are prepared to be informed, understand your birth map and agree to adhere to it.

These people lift you up, trust you and know you.

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3. Consider your Life Beyond Birth.

Do you understand normal baby behaviour?

How will you manager the early weeks, do you have support?

What will your first year look like?

Have you heard of MATRESCENCE?

What support services are in your area: lactation consultants, child and maternal health, counselling, physiotherapy, postpartum yoga or exercise, postpartum doulas, massage, meals services, gardening and cleaning services.

What social resources are in your area: walking group, mothers group, special interest group and of course family and friends.

4. Relax!

Write letters to your baby, sing songs, rub your belly, keep a journal, take strolls.

If you are already a Mother:

take time to read with your child/ren, include them in preparations. Slow down as much as you can – limit the extra-activities if it is getting too much.


5. Have a Gathering of Supporters.

This is a gathering of women (usually), but essentially it is about bringing together the people who are supporting you during pregnancy, labour and beyond.

Keep It Simple, Sisters!

Catherine Bell is the author of The Birth Map: Boldly Going Where No Birth Plan Has Gone Before This book takes you through these 5 steps, and is so much more than just a book.  Just like your birth is so much more than just a birth. Catherine has created a information portal and private support zone on her website, called the Member Area.  The book and the Member Area are linked, providing you with an awesome foundation for Your Birth and Beyond.  Find out more here.

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