Get Back in Your Box!

I am feeling a little sad today.

Not sad for me.

Sad for ‘them’.

Sad for ‘us’.

From 5 years old most children are herded off to school. This in its self is not sad. Most kids seems quite happy with this arrangement.

But it means ‘we the people’ miss out on Kids.

It strikes me as strange, because until you operate outside of this, you don’t even notice it.

There is no village.

If your children behave ‘nicely’ you will receive smiles and nods of approval.

If your children move too fast, sing too loud, ask too many questions, make noise, runs…

a note to parents with small children

So I feel sad. Sad that in order to venture out into the world I must drill my children with ‘expectation’ and ‘ rules’. I feel we must stay home or restrict ourselves to the ‘approved’ ways, and stick to our segregations.

This means meeting only at mothers groups and homeschool groups, and attending the appropriate matinee, eating out at the appropriate places.

When did society get so segregated?

Is this good? bad? whateva?

With Tinkerbell I lived for my Mum’s Group. That weekly outing was wonderful. We even went along to the playgroup (even though she was a baby) because it meant we were a part of something. But I didn’t really belong there. It made other people uncomfortable.
When the toolman was born, I found ABA. That was gold. I could have a baby, a toddler, a preschooler, all of the above: or none! And I was welcome. I felt I had found a village. of sorts. It was a village of mothers and children…so whilst a good support…
With The Captain on board now, we are still, as always, welcome and comfortable at ABA. But Tinklerbell and The Toolman are school-aged now, and we are outgrowing this segregation. We have a great homeschool network, but it is sometimes such an effort to go to ….it seems like such an unnatural thing to do.

The Modern World is complex and busy, structured, organised, ordered.

You’re not supposed to get out of your box.

'As a supervisor myself, Edna, I admire your ability to compartmentalize.'

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