Have you NOTICEd something?

Being pushed out of our comfort zone may be an opportunity to stretch our horizons or reinforce a boundary. The key is knowing WHY and responding with confidence.

The feeling of offence is our processors signally that this new information needs to be carefully considered before making a determination. There is No One Way..your offence is yours to own and process.

Turning to an Authority is an alert: handing responsibility to another, refusing to be your own authority. We might do this because we feel overwhelmed, or uncertain, anxious or overpowered. Explore why you are placing so much emphasis on the perception or opinion of another.

Ignoring your instinct or Gut. Fear is a gift; fear is often our instinct picking up on subtle cues in our environment. It may be a sense that someone is being deceptive or that something is not quite right. We may not yet understand what it is – but do not ignore this feeling. This is your inner senses warning you to take care and be alert.

Confusion, uncertainty, fear, anxiousness, repulsion…reactions that make us want to distance ourselves from the challenge. These Big Feelings are our reactions, acknowledge them, question them, and put them into context. Try to consider other viewpoints. Then Respond with confidence.

To be enraged, or so angry that you might lash out, is Next Level Big Feelings. A reaction on this scale is indicative of a big challenge; much work needs to be done. Assess the situation: look at the bigger picture. Try to see it from different perspectives. Try to identify your options: what can you control or influence? What can’t you (and need to let go)? Who can help or support you? Do you need to remove yourself from the situation? You are ready to move forward when you can respond peacefully and confidently.

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