How I turned the Beast of Fear into a friend for life

The Journey began as I toddled around the yard

black flat coated retriever
This was my ‘Great Beast’, a black lab pup called Vada.  Photo by Pixabay on

The Great Beast lumbered toward me.

Black. Huge. Unpredictable. Dangerous.

Then it was gone.

Just like that.

What remained, the Memory, grew.

And soon became a Fear.

A Fear of Dogs.

All. Dogs.

The thing about a fear is, it is not rational.

Whilst it may be based in something very real,

caution perhaps

It manifests.

The fear overwhelms the  warning

No longer rational

I recoiled from even the sweetest of dogs.

dog animal hiding pet
Stay away! Don’t touch me!  Photo by Tookapic on

With the help of a friend,

I came to tolerate dogs.

I learned to care for them.

The fear was gone, but a repulsion remained.

I could not touch.

I pushed myself.

Another friend showed me how to Accept a dog.

Then one day.

The repulsion was gone.

What remained was a Future.

One without fear.

clouds girl mountain dog
I have climbed a mountain!  Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on

One with joy.

One with Understanding.

I understood ‘dog people’.

Fear and Repulsion were replaced

With Understanding




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