Human 2.0 (The dawning of Homo mutante)

Humans, currently homo sapiens, author of their evolution.

No longer at the mercy of ‘survival’

The definition of ‘fittest’ is revised.

Cultural evolution driven by technology.

We don’t adapt to fit nature.

We adapt nature to fit us.

Long have we domesticated and altered other species, through selective breeding.

Long have we used other species for more than food.

Long have we manipulated our environment.





Nature can not ‘take it’s course’ in birth, in life, or in death.

Nature must be dominated, controlled, altered.

We will it lead?

Will nature concede?

Is this what we need?

Is this a new seed?

Homo sapiens was innovative

Celebrated the creative

But destroyed all that was native

Declared tech as superlative

Became ultra manipulative

Over nature authoritative

Too far gone to be rehabilitative

Humans are now mutative.

Image source: Curious Droid/Youtube (via here)

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