I need your input – your voice is powerful!

ATTENTION: if you are pregnant or supporting pregnancy, READ THIS!

I am collating feedback on The Birth Map.  If you have read or used the book: please help me build a body of evidence which I can use to support research grant applications and take to the Australian Minister for Health (and the opposition minister).  I have BIG IDEAS, and I need your voices building a chorus behind me.  My goal is to never hear another woman say “I wish I had known to ask that!”.

If you are interested in stocking the book, or incorporating it in your birth support package, please contact me and I will list you on The Wall of Informed Birth Supporters.  Buying the books from the blurb bookshop has worldwide distribution and there are discounts for bulk orders.

If you have not yet read the book: FIND OUT MORE HERE.

My background is academic, marketing is not my forte.  At this point I am relying on word of mouth…and really need your help spreading the word.  Perhaps you would like to write a review?  Perhaps you would like me to write an article for you?  Perhaps you are a television executive, or Oprah Winfrey, and would like to invite me to appear on a program?  Perhaps you are a pregnant celebrity who would like to lead the way in Informed Birth Preparation?  LET’S TALK!


You are a critical part of my plan.   Add your voice to the chorus.

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