In a Flash

This poem is the sequel to Thunder rumbles

This poem will be raw, and it will flow as it does.  I must release what’s inside, before it erupts. I usually write in rhyme, but now there is no reason.

In a flash, the dry forest was engulfed in flame,

The fire spread fast, as it ate through the Tallanganda

Left unabated, undefendable, wild and free.

Then the call came: leave now or defend!

Only those mentally and physically able should stay

And face the battle.

I left with my children, my gallant Man at the ready.

And battle came.

From afar we waited, breath baited, on edge,

As he fought with his neighbours and RFS* mates,

“Like Bombs going off” said one neighbour who fled,

“You think you’re prepared…but you’re not”.

My Gallant man, fought as if he were ten,

Non stop he soldiered to protect our home and our neighbours.

I can say, so proudly, not a sprig of Kunzea was singed on our land,

Close it came to our fences, South and East,

And too close for comfort to the North.

The fire front has gone, but the remnants remain

Our unscathed property, now a wildlife refuge,

Is a fire potential still.

No rain is in sight, as the fires burn through the state,

Others battling this beast as it devours.

My Gallant Man, and the many other Brave Fighters,

“Just doing what needs to be done”.


*RFS: Rural Fire Service.  Volunteers.

Thank You.

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