it is not a competition

it is not a competition: finding your own birth mojo is about being honest with yourself.


This is About You, not anyone else.  

The brilliant Penny Simkin provides a tool to assist the process of finding where your comfort level is on the scale of birth options, and how your birth teams can support you in achieving this.

The marvellous Rhea Dempsey also provides avenues for discovering where you fit in the plethora of birthing options.  


In working out what you need to feel safe, you can determine the best way to approach your birth.  The where and who with will be depend on the how.  If these elements do not fit together, it will be very difficult to feel safe and achieve the birth you envision.

For example:

You feel strongly that you want an epidural.  A hospital-based maternity unit will provide this option. Within this option you may have a choice of obstetric-led care, midwife-led care or shared-care.

You feel drawn to a natural birth.  An independent midwife at home or midwife-led program in a birth centre would be a good fit.


What matters is that you feel safe and supported in your choices.



no comparison

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  1. Love this! I use this example a lot – If you want an epidural or an elective induction you’re likely going to be disappointed with an independent midwife home or birth centre based experience and if you want an intervention free physiological birth you are likely to be disappointed by a private OB who has a 95% intervention rate. Decide on what sort of birth you want and THEN choose the care provider that will best help you to achieve your goals!

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