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Tess is super passionate about supporting families, preparation, continuity & personalised support. Her main goal is for her mums & families to feel happy, healthy & confident from pregnancy to postpartum. Tess is all about "thriving over surviving". She provides each of her clients with a copy of "The birth map" & also plays the "Game of Birth" in her prenatal sessions, to demonstrate the different birth pathways & outcomes, to highlight any knowledge gaps & to enable her families to feel empowered & informed.


Posted 3 weeks ago by Erika Lindley

Originally from the USA, I followed my heart to Australia in 2014 and now call Canberra home. I worked as a primary school teacher for many years before training as a doula while living in Thailand. It was in Bangkok, during the birth of my second daughter, when I worked with a doula myself and realised their value and the support they can provide during pregnancy and birth. I remained friends with my doula from that birth and it was her guidance and support that set me on my current path. Through my own two (very different) birth experiences, I realised how important it is for women to be educated, prepared for and involved in the choices associated with their birth. As a doula, I have a strong desire to connect with others and support them in whatever way they need. I am calm, intuitive, and nurturing and I am able to hold space for you and your decisions before and during your birth. I want you to feel confident, supported and cared for on one of the most important and memorable days of your life.

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