man yells at cloud. ..or did he?

Screenshot_2019-09-03-08-48-56-1Ben Elton has a new book, Identity Crisis.


or does it…


was Elton just yelling at the cloud, or was he satirically holding up the mirror to a narcissistic society?


is it funny, because it is true?


or does it cut a little too close to the bone?



and who is knocking off all the characters?


and why?



I kinda forced myself to finish this book, because I’d started it.   it was not unpredictable,  there were no red herrings, but it was strangely compelling….and yet #meh

I can’t see a movie deal in the future for this book…it would be #yawnfest

it was about everything and nothing….#solastyear

as satire goes it wasn’t side splitter laughter *eye roll emoji* but it was “on the pulse”.

still…that is 376 pages of reading time I can’t have back.  #noregrets











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