My heart on my sleeve


                                The introvert inside of me

                                 Tells me, oh so quietly,

                             Just write it down and let it go

                              Just write down all you know.

                        But my outward self says sing out loud!

                              Gather around – form a crowd!

                              Hear me now, hear what I say!

                               Much I have to Share today!

                              And so I swing betwixt the two

                                 Starting each day anew

                                Quiet day of learning more

                           To Share on days I want to Roar!


Originally published Feb 2013

5 thoughts on “My heart on my sleeve”

  1. This is what you call creative writing! Very nice and lovely poem. I also like your page, it’s not crowded, the colours are awesome and I like the font. 😍

      1. I opted for a simple layout. I want it to less complicated, I want readers to easily access my posts, my about me page and my contact. I didn’t put any other stuff because I am not really that creative. 😂

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