Plan Bellabirth: Informed Birth Planning

I love the informed birth planning guide and workbook: Plan Bellabirth: Informed Birth Planning.  It is a wonderful keepsake of your journey into parenthood, it is a tool of knowledge, helping you find Your Way.

Because there is No One Way. The Bellabirth™ process  helps you find Your Way.

Finding Your Way in a system that does not expose all the options, tells you on a ‘need to know’ and uses scare mongering to make you compliant.  A system that is designed to find problems, often creating problems due to the nocebo effect.  Plan Bellabirth provides you with the questions you sense need to be asked, reveals the options and routines that you will encounter so that you have time to make Informed Decisons.

The process of Informed Birth Planning, means that we are informed, prepared and confident.


This matters


Because how we give birth, the way we are treated, makes a difference to how we become Mothers.



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