stocktake sale (discontinued and damaged stock)


It’s stock take time.  In preparation to moving to my new digs, I unearthed a box of oldies and a few damaged books.

Damaged Stock: 2022 edition (slight damage to the cover) 21 x 26 cm

Discontinued: 2020 edition 21 x 26 cm

Discontinued.  2017, ‘beta’ edition.  Discontinued as I changed printers, and changed the format.  15 x 21 cm

Discontinued. 2018 first official edition. large print.  15 x 21 cm

Discontinued.  workbook, second section of the full book. 15 x 23 cm


Damaged 2022, Discontinued 2020, Discontinued 2017, Discontinued 2018, Discontinued Workbook


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