Recovering from birth: Eve Syndrome

My head is in the clouds My feet are on the earth I found myself the day that I gave birthWe have a huge problem in our society.

And it is not that women need time and support to ‘recover’ from birth.

The problem is we have developed a culture of segregation:

    • where babies and mothers are not immersed in the ‘every day’
    • where children are sent off to school and adults to work
    • where elderly are hidden away in ‘old peoples homes’



A newly pregnant woman, preparing for her entry into parenthood, is experiencing this as if she were the first ever pregnant woman.  No other women showing generations of wisdom and personal experience to guide her.  No other women to gather with.  No support.

She must figure it our for herself.

And she must do this within a landscape of an overly medicalised approach to birth that leaves women injured, dissatisfied and even shell shocked.  Then we provide little or no partner leave, and for many women maternity leave.

She must stumble along, figuring out motherhood, coming to terms with it or embracing it, as she Becomes a Mother.  No one warned her that she would change.  So. Much.

Unlike Eve the first, modern woman must confront a different kind of aloneness.  Eve the first was left to her own devices.  Modern Women are bombarded with all manner of (expensive and unnecessary) devices, and sold the lie that Motherhood will not change them.

The segregations within our society are paralleled with a knowledge void.  Separated from a mixed society, children learn in a mono-cultured of carefully selected information. NONE of which explains a woman’s cycles, phases and abilities. NONE of which celebrated the feminine.  The focus on HIStory and de-feminised anatomy, and pregnancy avoidance.  There is NOTHING about pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding, newborn care or early development…because Motherhood is the lowest rung on the ladder and school is about getting to the top.  In this same vein there is nothing about fatherhood, responsibility, care is not valued…

Sure sometimes they touch on these subjects, give it some lip-service, or run a special program…but these important life events are not focused on Not valued.  Because our society is not structured around the family, but around the workplace.

And never the twain shall meet.

It does not have to be this way.

Women should not be ‘recovering from birth’, but being honoured and supported as they transition into motherhood.

Not ‘recover from birth’ – TRANSITION INTO MOTHERHOOD.

This is called matrescence.

As it stands, our society – including our education system and maternity system – DOES NOT VALUE THIS TRANSITION.

It is up to the individual to turn Eve Syndrome into EVE PHENOMENON.

And it involves Knowledge.

tree of knowledge

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