Respect is a gift.




Respect can be given.

Not expected. Not forced.

Respect is a gift.

Offered freely, with love.

We are all able to give this simple gift.

This powerful gift.

We can give it over and over without diminishing it.


Can respect be earned?

How does one earn it?

By giving respect?

Or are we confusing ‘earned respect’ with submission?

Or agreement?

Or approval?

Is respect earned with authority?


I don’t think so.


You can disagree with someone, but still respect them.


At the very foundation of respect is a the core of humanity.

To be heard.

To be understood.

Before you belittle, dismiss or criticise another person, listen.

Try to see their perpective.

What experiences influence their point of view?

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Is their point of view really in opposition to yours?

Or can you coexist?

This is respect.

This is Dignity

This is Choosing Love

You are not entitled to respect

But you deserve it

We all do

And it begins with giving it.

If you want it

Show it.

It is the Golden Rule.

It is that simple.

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