Scrabble rule change

As a wordy from way back it comes as a shock

I must regather my senses and take stock

In teaching my daughter this wonderful game

The changed official rules now allow a Name!

The great scrabble panic of 2010 passed by me unnoticed

Was the rule change announcement marketing focused?

So know you can have Paris or even France,

You can even have the name of that dance,

But also company names and names of the Stars,

You know the ones – who drive fancy cars,

The game is more ‘accessible’ the old reports said

It needed an upgrade, were sales in the red?

The allowed words have expanded but it doesn’t sit well

The change reflects a society whose vocabulary fell

We have fallen so hard that we only know brands

And a commercial-based game is now in your hands

Of course the gamers can state in agreeance to start

what words are accepted and which simply aren’t

I like to play ‘silly scrabble’ with friends for a laugh

Making up words and the meanings we craft

To me scrabble is about vocabic extension

Of word play and learning, of word celebration!

But if you are stuck with a high scoring letter

Your options just got a whole lot better

JayZ what a score – aim for the triple,

and you can use the name of your tipple,

You can even name Social Media

I challenge you to make ‘wikipedia’

Let the games begin, but be clear on your terms,

And respecting the rules as you take turns,

The game is a classic and a great learning tool,

Even in knowing this new brand-rule.




as I researched googled this topic, I came across these 10 high scoring words  in an article that also suggests a bonus should be awarded for palindromes!  Genius.  A rule we have added at times is the ‘word of the day play’, if that word is played you get a 10 point bonus.


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