Seven Ways to Facilitate Informed Decision Making


There once was a woman in a  Labour Ward,

Who was not feeling very assured

Her dignity was left

Upon clinical request

Outside the room , where it was to be ignored.

–it doesn’t have to be like this!

Seven Ways to Facilitate Informed Decision Making

1. Encourage Questions

Allow time for questions to be asked and answered fully.

2. Use The Birth Map and The Game of Birth

Become a Birth Cartographer® using the online course, and you will be able to support clients to use their own copy of The Birth Map  to consider all possibilities.  You will also learn how to use the Game of Birth to revolutionise birth education.  Birth Cartography boldly goes where no birth plan has gone before.

3. Encourage clients to join the free Member Access area.  

This space is linked to the book, and provides access to resources, a forum and an online version of The Game of Birth.  This will complement your support and help your clients to take responsibility for their journey.  Because with Great Responsibility come Great Power!

4. Tell clients about ‘Mapping Your Birth and Beyond’

This online learning opportunity  (coming soon) is guided by Catherine, and allows for self-paced preparation.  

5. Tell clients about Independent Breastfeeding Education

In Australia, the Australian Breastfeeding Association offers education during pregnancy, and access to information through their website and support through their helpline.  Be sure to direct clients to independent breastfeeding resources, and not those operated by formula companies or focused on selling products to ‘support’ breastfeeding.

6. Tell clients about Independent Childbirth Education Classes

Independent Childbirth Education is proven to improve outcomes, and there are many options to suit your needs. 

7. Tell your clients about Postpartum Support

Preparing for life beyond birth is essential.  Not just the early weeks, or even months, but the realities of the New Life.  Give them the gift of understanding Matrescence.  

You can get the book here    |    Register to Become a Birth Cartographer ®     |   Join the (free) Member Area

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