Snow flakes and searchlights

Snow flakes and searchlights on a cold dark night,

A dark so deep, not a star in sight.

Searchlights swaying,  with a fixed stark light,

Revealing only danger and plight.

scenic view of snow covered landscape against sky

Snowflakes and searchlights in an ever moving maze,

My mind slips into a swirling craze

Nothing seems real in the searchlight blaze,

Soon all blends into a timeless haze.

Snowflakes and searchlights hide the true landscape

I can barely make out a familiar shape

All the sounds I hear are from an on loop tape

The time has come.  I make my escape.

Snowflakes and searchlights, in the dawning light,

The warming sun helps me take flight

All is revealed,  there is no need to fight,

The illusionary power based on fright.

sea of clouds sunrise wallpaper

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