So Woke they slept through this

As link lead to link, I meandered into woke feminism.

And it is willfully ignorant and has ironic schism.

Young and aware,

Without a care,

Embracing all they deem worthy* in inclusive determination.

Declaring quirks and deploring “cis”

It doesn’t get more woke than this,

Rewriting all the rules

For the unwary fools

Biology ignored with clear erasure

In feministic failure

Reproductive oppression brushed aside

In a display of misguided pride

Make room and stop complaining

With some transwomansplaining

The inconvenience of maternity

Shines with such cruelty,

But technology is with woke

And nature’s just a joke

Progression marches us towards ifuture

There is nothing we can’t suture!

Biology is at the mercy of the vain

And the greatest sin is to be plain

All this wokeness must make one weary,

Still…who wants to be dreary!

So down with mothers and reproductive rights

Forget those childbearing plights

Be they Potential, realised and even forced

Because from our biology we’re divorced.



*be unwoke for but a moment, and you risk unworthiness.   Never sleep.  Constant vigilance!


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