Are we doing what we’re told

Or buying what we’re sold?

Are we all agentic and resigned

To accept that we’re confined?

Why do we trust our overlords

Who disregard the needs of hoards?

Why do we believe the lie that we are free

When we still have liability?

Why to this will do we bend

buying into the hype and trend?

Who pulls upon the puppet strings

Calling lines from the wings?

Follow the money if you dare

But there are no surprises there.

Big pharma, big tech, big business deals

Telling you what appeals

Defining you, creating ‘culture’ and Quo

telling you what you know

And if you dare to question or resist

a bigot be you, don’t desist!

Marketing that tries to decieve

Sells you ‘science’ you must believe

Medicine and sex demands consent

There’s no place for dissent

An illusion of autonomy and choice

Ensuring that you have no voice.

Who pulls the strings to Sold-iers make us,

Controlling so there is no fuss?

Buy this shiny thing you crave,

you become the willing slave,

And in the state of ‘release’

You are told ‘War is Peace”

Your ignorance keeps them strong

They’ll tell you what you think is wrong

Welcome to the Patriarchal Dam

The greatest pyramid scam

Wealth held back by a few

to ‘trickle down’ to me and you.

Let us rise up and break the wall

releasing ‘the wealth’ to all

Initially it will feel like disaster

But it will lead to a better after

For communities will rise, as they do

When unsupported by ‘the few’

And as they gather around

Sensible solutions are found

In circle, problems are solved with discussion

No need for war or violent repercussion

Together, as one, but diverse in need

This is where Matriarchies seed

And if we nurture this and let it grow,

There is no place for patriarchy to go

This poem is the result of my processing patriarchal system compared to matriarchal systems. It’s been a big year for patriarchy with Matel’s billion dollar advert seemingly challenging patriarchy. It has sparked some mainstream awareness, but many also seem to think that matriarchy is on opposite of patriarchy…that Barbie Land was a matriarchy. But It was more of ‘utopian’ patriarchy. It was offered as a feminist movie, but was it 1950s second wave, or third wave…there was an essence of fourth wave in there….and they highlighted that maternal feminism was still “don’t look”. Then they sold us ‘weird barbie’ and any serious attempt at a feminist movie was lost to capitalism and FeminismTM. A disco of teens rock out to the Ken song. At the end of the day, it was a fun movie with some great merch. And it seems Ken is the winner. And all good patriarchy must have a winner. Patriarchy Ken (with the coat) is being sold for the same cost as the barbie car, and is 2 -3 times more ‘valuable’ than the other movie-barbies. Interesting it is all sold out. illusion of scarcity?

I have been listening to a very interesting podcast called ‘Subject to Power‘, which interviews researchers in this area. I find I use rhyming couplets to process ideas, and when I can do that I feel I have understood it. If I am stuck in a poem, I know I have more work to do.

BUT even when a poem is done…new information may challenge it, so I welcome discussion.

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