Stretching the alternative

There once was a man who was not

And another who dressed in a frock

It’s not the  same

One is a game

There is no kettle or pot.


The conversation* tried to explain

But still questions remain

Such as what is a fact?

And please define tact

And has the world gone insane?


Asking questions, however, is disuaded

And questioners are often degraded,

dictated it seems

By all the streams

Leaving me feel quite jaded.


The taxonimist in me is despairing

At all the new identi-declaring

Object based,  not objective

Purely subjective

Biology no longer unerring


Homo mutante is dawning

seacliff heights are falling

Dictators emerge

Females submerge

The Brave New World is calling.


As custodian of the new generation

Are they sapiens or the new variation?

Technology trumps science

nature is defiance

And the focus is on litigation.


The teacher is taught by the egg

With the alternative facts instead

Unthink all you knew

Knowledge Inc see us through

Unless your battery is dead.


There once was a truth we accepted

But now, it must be rejected,

The alternative stretched

No longer far fetched

Is presented as reason protected.












*this poem is inspired, In  part, by this article

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