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Dear World,

Why do I keep harping on about Informed Birth Planning?

because I am on a MISSION:

To provide all women with the means to make informed decisions regarding their pregnancy care, labour, birth and parenting.
This matters because the current maternity system does not encourage women to own, trust or actively participate in Their birthing. How we experience birth matters, because it stays with us for a life time. Women and their partners are at their most vulnerable AND most powerful when pregnant, giving birth and parenting.

The guide I have created helps a woman find Her Way and then make the choices to ensure she receives the care she needs. You wouldn’t book an independent midwife for a planned c section, and likewise you don’t need an obstetrician if you are planning a natural birth, and of course there are the many options in between.

The guide starts with the general considerations, such as who should be your care provider and where you want to give birth. What are your feelings around birth? Who will be with you? What do you understand already? Do you have fears and anxieties? It can take many weeks to go through this, the earlier you start thinking about it, the better (trying to conceive? get the guide!).

Once you have set the scene, the guide takes you through each stage of labour – what are the routine procedures? where do you need to provide consent? Based on your expectations, you develop a plan that reflects your needs. What makes you feel safe? cared for?

Then the guide asks you to consider deviations from expectation. The contingency planning is vital. You do not want to make on the spot decisions. You want to make informed ones. This part of the guide is not about creating fear, but alleviating it. Knowledge is power. If you are expecting a c section or an induction, your contingency will include ‘what if labour is spontaneous?’ and ‘What is labour is so fast – we have to birth unassisted?’

Once you have you plan sorted, it is important to relax, you are now Informed, Prepared and Confident. At this point, you may want to have a ‘gathering of support’, sometimes called a blessingway. Unlike a baby shower, this focuses on supporting the family, relaxing the mother to be, and paving the way for a positive transition. I recommend filling the freezer with meals! This part of the guide encourages the parents to think beyond the birth, to set up their ‘village’ and know where to find support.

And then, after baby arrives, the book has space for the Birth Story. A story that is an ending, and a beginning…

Informed Birth Planning means your support team is onside. Many partners love the ‘if this then that’ approach, it gives a map to follow and refer to, that they have actively prepared and understand. informed. Prepared. Confident.

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Thank you for your Support,

Yours in informed Birth Planning
Catherine Bell

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