The Community of Ruby Dog

A poem inspired by ruby dog.


Farewell Ruby dog, the town won’t be the same

You helped many in your quiet way

And we all knew your name.


Farewell Ruby dog, and to your Jane, hello

The Gift of Ruby to our Town

Reached further than you know.


Ruby represents what make our town so great

We are all unique, all different

But all can be your mate.


Farewell Ruby dog, your community is strong

We will stand together

And know that we belong


Our needs may change, our ideas must be debated

But Ruby dog reminds us

That Community is created.


When we greet each other in the street, we raise each other high

A simple smile and a nod

Can make spirits fly.


Our Community has shares its grief, its joys and bands together

A Community that loved a dog

And will remember her forever.



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