The Disease of the Entitled Man

At the foundation of society, a disease is festering. It is the disease of the Entitled Man. Unaddressed privilege and entitlement needs to be exposed.

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In the last month, we have seen reports of ‘Return of King’ followers wanting to connect in real life…these men seem to think rape should be legal on private property, and have very concerning ideas about what is right and wrong.  An American Pick up Artist had his visa revoked, preventing him from touring his ‘insightful’ ideas to vulnerable Aussie men.

Why are these men making such a fuss?  what are they afraid of?
As this article discusses, they must sense the loss of entitlement.  On some level, they have realised that the world is changing.  That instead of becoming entitled, we have men who see their privilege, and are grateful for it.  We have men who see women as people, not objects or slaves.  The new Australian of the Year seems to be such a man.  A man who sees.  A man who knows his power lies not in oppressing others, but raising them up.

The cure for the disease of entitlement starts at birth.  When we see our privilege and learn to be grateful for it.  When we see opportunities to help and support others, and right some injustice when we can.  We teach our sons to respect themselves, to respect others…none of this ‘boys will be boys’ acceptance of early violence or destruction.  We allow our boys to feel.  To have emotions.  Not  just be ‘angry, hungry and tired’, as I heard a male comedian once explain.  For the gender segregation to disappear…from gendered toys to clothes and hair styles, the superficial gender construct that binds us into ‘roles’ or expectations.

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