The F-Word


On Wednesday, I had the audacity to be at a PUBLIC meeting with my children.

A man tried to suggest our presence there was a problem. I have a right to be there, as do my children. So I told him to “deal with it”. If they were running riot, I would have left. As I hope he would have if his undesexed, unleashed pitbull had been a problem.

And there was another woman in attendance. A well informed, woman who had the audacity to speak her mind. She was shut down.

If my husband had been there with his children – I doubt very much anyone would have marched up to him to suggest he leave.

And if that informed and vocal woman had been a man, I bet they would have applauded and encouraged.

Am I pissed off? You bet!

I am also proud of myself. I stood up to ‘that man’. I defended my rights and those of my children.


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