The Golden Ticket

The year was 2005.

It began in the wake of the boxing day Tsunami and an apology from Prince Harry for dressing up as a Nazi.  And Charles announcing he would marry Camilla.  The Airbus made it’s maiden flight, and Pope John Paul II died.  Kylie had to cancel her tour due to cancer and London was rocked by a terrorist attack.  A space shuttle landed safely, but 120 people died in a plane crash near Athens. Katrina struck New Orleans.

It was the year Britney Spears wore this shirt

(at the premiere of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).


Yesterday this image was recalled to my mind.  A first time pregnant mum commented to me that becoming pregnant was like gaining entry into a secret club.  I had to agree, because in 2005 this image had me sighing the heavy sighs that only can only be sighed by one who has a great longing in their heart.

And I was longing, greatly, to be in that club.  I wanted to feel the arms of my own child wrapped around my neck, to hold a baby to my breast and nourish and nurture in motherly bliss.  I wanted to be a Mum.  And everyone except me was capable of this apparently easy task. That is how greatly the burden of exclusion weighed on my heart.  It would be another year before I got my glorious golden ticket.

And a Golden Ticket it was.  The gates opened to a magical and mysterious world, there were many strange and wonderous options to try inside.  And that is what I soon discovered…that even inside the gates, there were rooms and hallways to explore and whilst I was in the ‘club’, I had still to find my room.  The club secrets were held close and it was every mother for herself!

You see, there is no One Way, there is a whole chocolate box of choice.  and even if life is like a box of chocolates…you CAN know the options.

I created in order to give not only a golden ticket but a complete tour.

We should not have to wait to find out the ‘secrets’, to fumble along, making it up, unguided and unsupported.

When a Baby is born, so too is a mother.  The transition into mother requires guidance, support and love.  I give women, and their partners, access to the inner secrets because when you know all your options, you can make Informed Decisions.


There is no one way, but there is Your Way.  I give you The Map, you determine the pathways.  Be heard, Be seen, BE RESPECTED.

It is possible to Birth with Dignity.

There are many pathways to parenthood, there are many ways to parent.

There is one common factor:


Being supported to find out the right pathway for you, being aware of all the options and having the freedom to choose for yourself.

Together we do better, free of judgement.  No boxes.  No One Way.

We care for our children and wish to make the best decisions we can for them.

Our circumstances differ.

Our experiences differ.

Our decisions differ.

Our Love unites us.

Our mutual respect holds is.

Informed. Supported. Confident.


Catherine Bell is a birth and parenting mentor, offering continuity of support from the time you start preparing for birth and parenting until your baby is one.  She is creating a a village, online, that helps you to find others like you.  Find out more at

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