The heckler

A woman cheered and off she went

In lycra, she rode away,

Not far into her ride The Heckler

Had something to say.

He felt it was quite alright

To sound his disapproval,

He seemed to think his thoughts

Needed our perusal.

And so it was that others shared

How The Heckler stole their power

By simply voicing his noise

They felt themselves cower.

Because his voice of menace was a threat

Their safety was compromised

Fat or thin, young or old,

All females were chastised.

Other women spoke of another threat

Oft called the wolf whistle

The Heckler ‘approves’

But this makes hackles bristle.

Try to tune it out, they say

Ignore The Heckler and his wails

Turn away and take the wind

From his over inflated sails,

But this action seems to spur him on

A demon wind it would seem

For now The Heckler curses you

Remind you, he is supreme.

But his supremacy

Exists only in his mind

As society is changing

To leave Hecklers behind.

Take heed thou Heckler,

Your days supreme,  soon will be passed

And days of kindness will come

When no one is harassed.

Until then, know this Heckler,

You have no power over me,

For within me lives the strength

Of my femininity.

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