The Killing Season

The Killing Season  is a new series reflecting on the Rudd-Gillard years in Australian Politics.

This goes to air on ABC for the next three Tuesdays.

Check out the book titles.
Check out the book titles.

My feeling is that Rudd is a narcissist, he charmed us all and it all started well. The Apology was a great moment. Especially when everyone turned their back on the then opposition leader, Brendan Nelson. The country felt positive, united….there was promise and hope. We had charming Rudd, representing us on the world stage. He was confident and well spoken, if a little pompous. But soon after the awesomeness of that Apology, the cracks appeared. He became Kevin747…Julia was ‘acting PM’ more often than not, and she held it well. I felt safe with her, but uncertain about him…it felt like now that he had the top job, we didn’t matter any more…he didn’t have to try any more…

Then the school yard politics began.  The ‘back stabbing’ and internal unrest, destablising the government and giving the Media the fodder they needed to reinstate the Liberal Party.

Kevin was replaced by Julia as leader before the next election…and it was victory for Julia.  Sure it was a hung parliament, but she held it.

Then we had to endure the nasty Abbott snarl, the blatant misogyny on display as our first female Prime Minister was  attacked for her personal appearance, circumstances and for being female.

She ignored it stoically, stuck to the job at hand.  She did not engage.  Until That Day.  Until Abbott bullied just a little too much, and it was clear that it was time for Julia Gillard to call him out and stand up to his bullying.

And she did so, Magnificently.

I miss Julia. I miss her so much.

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