the nocebo effect and Gestational diabetes

the nocebo effect and Gestational diabetes

I know it is late…and this post is likely to get lost in the nether…but my mind is switched on. Too often I hear “my doctor won’t let me”, or “I have to”, or “I am not allowed”…


Knowledge is Power.

Seek information beyond your care provider. Then return to them with further questions and thoughts. If they are not willing to include you in YOUR care, if you are not given the drivers seat and a lead in making decisions, this is a red flag.

There is no One Way. You need to weigh up the risks and benefits, apply them to your circumstances and make decisions that make you feel safe and comfortable.

Your care providers are One resource. YOU are a resource. How do you feel? you are more than just a number or a measurement.

Think through your options using your BRAIN:


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