The Profitcy

“…all of this is happening in a larger cultural context of society beginning to believe biological sex is irrelevant…” 

There was once a girl with short hair, dressed in blue

Who was told her biology is not true

Cut off the bits you don’t like

Don’t be a dyke,

And join the progressive tech-living crew.


Human 2.0 has arrived!  The Brave New World is rushing forwarded, embracing all things tech and ‘progressive’.  Nature is obsolete!

Our bodies are mere inconvenient reminders of our humanity, our vulnerability and our connection to Nature.  And yet, we all strive to have the ‘perfect’ body; we replace the ‘faulty’ parts, remove them, add different ones, donate bits to others and even borrow aspects of another.  It is just a body, not who we are.  Apparently.


So who are we?  or really: what are we?

Are we a feeling?  A thought?  A spirit, a soul, or essence?

Are we our bodies, or do we simply exist within ‘a group of cells’, which we remodel to reflect the ‘real’ us?

person holding string lights photo
Photo by David Cassolato on Are the eyes windows to the soul?


There was was a human holistic

Who’s view was more realistic

But that is old hat

There’ll be no more of that

Talk like that sends the internet ballistic!


In this brave new world, your body will not limit you. At All.  And anyone who might limit, question or wish to fully consider the implications, is shut down.  Deplatformed.  Censored.  The technology is here.  That is all that matters.  We can.  AND WE WILL!

Some love the idea of Human 2.0…indeed CyperHuman.  Where genetics fail us, we can apply a tech-fix.  And we are not far off genetic modification going mainstream (think Gattaca).  We have decided, as a collective?, to ignore the sci-fi warnings, and as they become new technologies we embrace them.

At this point in proceedings, we still rely on the altruism of those still human enough to care.  Or the desperation of those too financially disadvantaged to say no.  But the tech will soon mean we can bypass humanity.  Of course cognitive dissonance helps, as we ignore the rather large (genetically modified) elephant in the room.  We focus on the perceived gains, and let those niggling thoughts (and visions of dystopian futures) go to the back of our minds.  To speak them would only see you socially (at least on the internet) ostracised.

Sea levels are rising – as is the acidity, temperatures will soar, droughts will be more severe, as will storms.  But it is ok.  We will just create technologies to overcome them or adapt.  It is what we do.  So a few other species will be lost…collateral damage!   We can create new ones.


Don’t even suggest it!


The Future is Virtual and full of Apology, as women step aside

There are only People, no nuance or ‘norms’ to abide

Be bold, be tech, be beyond and ever changing

The only limits are with financial arranging

So speak up, speak out, lean in, not out,

And if you don’t feel heard – you MIGHT NEED TO SHOUT

All will be accommodated in the way that they want

No more coins for wishes thrown into a font,

The coins will line pockets of Big Industries

Who will give you anything that you please

The Earth might be changing, in ways that destroy

But our tech will save us, and into space we’ll deploy

Our lab based food will be packaged and designed 

All of the farmers retired or resigned.

And all this because biological sex is irrelevant.




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